2005-3 News

Summer Training 2005 - Llandudno, Wales

Several members of the Navan club recently travelled to the annual Summer Training camp held this year in Llandudno, Wales. Apart from master classes in their relevant syllabus work we also learned a Chin Na form and some new stance training routines which I have no doubt Derek will be inflicting...er...I mean training us in very soon. John "ruthless" Russell certainly lived up to his moniker from last year with his choice of routes for the early morning runs this year. The first hill on the Monday morning was met with shouts of "he's not going to make us run up that...is he???". In fact he did....twice....almost every day!! The final day involved a revision of all we'd learned that week and demonstration from all of the courses which have run throughout the year and included a lion dance, fan and sword set and Derek demonstrated the Southern Fist form he learned in China. Good fun was had by all and if we take up the offers we've had to go and train with other clubs we'll be travelling for the next 6 months!!

Boyne View Demonstration

Students from the Navan club recently gave a demonstration hosted by the Boyne View Residents Association. Despite temperatures that were approaching 30 degrees all performed very well especially the kids so well done to all.

China and Master Yau training course

Derek and Lau Gar Ireland Head Instructor Bobby O'Neil recently travelled along with several Guardians and other members of the BKFA to Foshan in Southern China on a training trip organised by Master Yau. The group trained in the temple of the legendary martial artist Wong Fei Hung (you may not recognise his name but if you are familiar with any of the early Hong kong martial arts films, many of these films are based on his exploits). The guys trained hard for almost six hours everyday and by the end of the week had learned the competition form of "The Southern Fist" (a Hung Gar form) as well as a weapons form using the Double Hook Swords. The guys then had to demonstrate what they had learned during a spectacular closing ceremony in the temple at the end of the week. While in China the party were treated almost like rock stars as westerners are still rarely seen in this part of China and even appeared in local newspapers and television news.

New Name - Boyne Valley Martial Arts

In recent weeks Derek has decided to bring the three seperate classes he teaches in Navan, Dunshaughlin and Kilskyre under one common banner - welcome to Boyne Valley Martial Arts. This common banner for all of the clubs will help us raise the profile and promote each of the clubs in a much more effective way going forward. A club logo has been designed and uniforms bearing the logo will be available shortly.

As a consequence of the name change, our website address has also changed to www.boynevalleymartialarts.com although the old address will continue to function.

Weekend Training Seminar with Sifu Morag Quirk 25th/26th June

Navan Lau Gar Kung Fu Club is honoured to host a weekend training seminar with guest intructor Sifu Morag Quirk. Sifu Quirk is a Guardian of Lau Gar and a regular instructor on the annual summer training course in the UK so this will be a opportunity for students that is not to be missed.

Best of the Best tournament" 29/01/05

Students from Navan competed in the tournament over the weekend and performed well in all categories. Ian placed third in his section and Fergal reached the quarter finals of his section. The standard at the event was very high so well done to both of the guys.

Summer Training Course - Scarborough 2004

Several members of Navan Lau Gar Kung Fu and Kickboxing club recently attended the annual summer training which was held in Scarborough. Following a week of extremely hard training some of the members were also upgraded to Green Sash.

February 2003, Jason Crabtree Course

Students from the Navan club attended the recent course hosted by Lau Gar Irelands Head Instructor Mr. Bobby O'Neill (4th degree Blacksash), in his Wexford gym. Guest instructor for the day was Sifu Jason Crabtree, 5th Degree Blacksash and Guardian of Lau Gar. Jason is a regular visitor to Ireland and his courses are always a highlight of our training calendar.

Some of the topics covered during the day were two man fighting drills, stick fighting, sticking hands, self defence and chi kung (roughly translated as "energy training")