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GrandMaster Yau Weekend Training Course & Black Sash Gradings

Sat 14th and Sun 15th April 2018

Image Health Studios Wexford
Saturday 14th - 3pm-6pm
Sunday 15th - 11am-2pm
Also Special Childerens Class
Saturday 14th - 1:30pm-2:45pm

Black Sash Workshop

22nd April 2018

West Walsall E-ACT Academy, Primley Avenue, Walsall. WS2 9UA

BKFA Summer Course 2018

July 22nd-28th 2018

Llandudno Wales


Lau Gar Kung Fu

The style of Kung Fu practiced in Boyne Valley Martial Arts schools is a kung fu system known as Lau Gar Kuen, meaning Lau Family Fist. Lau Gar is a traditional Kung Fu style based upon the 5 Shaolin animals. As well as their movements, the "spirit" of these animals have also been incorporated into the forms (sets) of the style. The training is designed to strengthen and develop what is known as the "three treasures" namely the mind "shen", body "jing"and spirit "chi"of the practitioner through vigorous training, forms practice and Chi Kung. For example, a person whose jing is full is physically fit and healthy; one whose chi is plentiful is emotionally stable and full of vitality; and one whose shen is abundant is mentally fresh and spiritually mature.


Kickboxing is a modern martial art, developed by combining oriental kicking techniques, with western style boxing techniques. At Boyne Valley Martial Arts schools, we teach practical, adaptable techniques, suitable for both competition fighting, as well as for self-defence. Kickboxing is increasingly being used as a method of fitness training and weight control. Kickboxing is increasingly being used as a method of fitness training and weight control. Circuit training, pad-work and other the exercises used in our classes are suitable for use as a self-defence system, or purely as a means to keeping fit. There is considerable emphasis placed on physical fitness, using rigorous exercise to gain the ultimate in stamina, flexibility and strength.